With Irish and Italian heritage, Miriam lived all over Europe and India, learning and studying on her spiritual path both in Bengal as well as Northern India. Besides learning a spiritual tradition, she spent time studying Ayurveda, traditional Indian music, and Vedic forms of palmistry and eastern astrology.

Miriam is a third degree initiate of Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone and considers herself a progressive witch; one who is open to new ideas and loves to learn from everyone. But most importantly, she considers herself a priestess of Brid, whom she dedicated her life to.

Miriam has a group of students who are dedicated to learning about themselves as well as the craft. She is the High Priestess of the Forge of Fire, a Progressive Wiccan group with initiates all over the USA, and a few from around the world. The main focus of the group is being introspective and learning about themselves, and their connection with the divine. While they all learn from each other, the most profound lessons come directly from the gods.

She has a background in psychology and fine arts; an interesting combination which she utilizes daily. She is also a certified herbalist and a spiritual healer. Most of the items in Forge of Fire online store are hand-made by Miriam, and as such have a very unique energy and purpose.

While Miriam loves teaching and associating with other witches and pagans in person, she recognizes the needs of those who don’t have the opportunity to be around other like-minded people in person. She has been approached by quite a few people seeking guidance and knowledge, but either not wanting to be a part of a coven, or just simply not being around one where they live. This is what inspired Miriam to start an online community, where everyone can both learn about the craft, as well as associate with other like-minded people regardless of their location.

Miriam lives with Carolyn, her partner in life and in craft, and their Siberian Husky Nanuq. He is definitely the spoiled baby of the family, as it very well should be! They live in Central Pennsylvania, but “home” will always be the rolling hills of Ireland. Perhaps that is where the retirement will be – back to the roots.

You can contact Miriam directly by clicking on “Contact” link at the top of the page. She would be thrilled to hear from you!