Forge of Fire Path is where we offer structured, thought- provoking coursework lessons which will assist you in attaining an in-depth knowledge of progressive witchcraft. Some, but not all of the subjects covered in the classes are:

History of Witchcraft
Ethics and Magical Laws
Exploring the Realms
Wheel of the Day, Week and Year
Magical Workings – Ways of Making Magic
History of Magic
How Magic Works
Energy Work
Thought Forms
Magical Cosmology and Psychology
Planetary and Magical Correspondences
Practical Magic and Spellwork
Magical Tools
Chakras and Auras
How to Structure a Ritual
Spirit Forms, Guides and Guardians
Gods and Goddesses in Magical Practice
Invoking and Working with Deity

The unique thing about our lessons is that they have practical aspects, where you are required to do more than just sit and read. This is what will give you an invaluable, self-empowering experience on the subjects covered. The lessons are structured to attain 3 levels; each one taking a year and a day. What sets us apart is the personal, one-on-one guidance and training each and every student receives.

If you have any questions, or would like to know more about the lessons or how they are structured, please feel free to contact Miriam by clicking the “Contact” button at the top of the page. She will be happy to talk with you and answer any and all of your questions!