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  1. Spirit of Spring

    As we enter the first of March, we also cross a threshold into the element of air. The five tarot cards listed below are the Major Arcana that corresponds to the element of air. Therefore, during the next three months I am offering these specific readings.

    I look forward to helping you along your journey in life.

    The Fool (New beginnings) if you are ready to move in a new direction, and open to all possibilities; then this reading is for you.

    The Magician ...
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  2. Your Pagan Path

    ďI want to be Pagan but I just donít have time to study!Ē

    How many times have you caught yourself saying or thinking that? Itís an easy rut to fall into - weíve all got jobs, families, and lives, and itís easy to let ourselves fall into the habit of not making time for our spirituality. However, if you think about some of the ways we waste the twenty-four hours a day we DO have, itís not so hard to re-prioritize. If you feel like you donít have the time you need to work on your spirituality ...
  3. Don't Know Much

    I don't know what sign the moon is in tonight,
    I don't know what phase the moon is in,
    I don't know if mercury is in retrograde, so I can be more careful.

    However, I have a job advocating for people who need to be protected sometimes. I believe that advocating for my own rights at my last job (which is what resulted in my being let go) is what led to this job. Now, not only am I "ALLOWED" to defend the rights of the people my company works ...
  4. The morrighans call

    Light and love , and blood and bone.
    To each our love through moonlight shone.
    On ravens wings our paths now cross,
    to speak of love and feelings lost
    Of spirits now and forever reborn,
    Under moon and rising corn..
    To reap now which we sow at last,
    To begin our day's and forget our past..
    In the circle we are called,
    to the goddess now forestalled.
    On raven's wings she beckons wide
    to her calling you cannot hide.
  5. Are My Foes Better than Me?

    Ostara (the Spring Equinox; March 21) has passed,
    Beltane shall soon arrive (May 1)
    Waxing Moon Night
    Sun Day

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    I've been away from my computer for awhile. I've been trying to figure out how I should trod my path to keep my life worthwhile (to me). I was busy for awhile working. My job assignment has been ended, for political reasons I believe. I've been taking a break from the ...