Forge of Fire is a progressive wiccan community, focused not only on the use of magical energy to affect positive change, the Wheel of the Year; the cycles of the sun, the moon, and the seasons, but more importantly, change within the self - initiation and the mechanisms that cause it. In the spiritual cultures of the ancient past, this came to be called the mysteries. As witches, we embrace positive change, and when this change does not occur spontaneously, we create it. This has always been the role of the witch; from the medieval village, to the modern day today.

Ultimately, witches have the task of teaching themselves. The intention of this site, forums and classes is not for the practices within it to be dogmatic or even doctrinal, but to simply offer ideas to guide the student, as all teachings about witchcraft should.

Forge of Fire was founded by Miriam, following the footsteps of many teachers who blessed her with their guidance throughout her life. While living in India, Miriam met some amazing mentors and guides, as well as later on in Europe and America. The
y have all come into her life at a time she needed them the most and taught her some invaluable lessons. The biggest influences on Miriam’s craft have been her teachers, Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone. They continue to inspire and guide her every day, and for that she is incredibly grateful.

We would love nothing more than for you to join our Forge of Fire community and share in this wonderful journey with us!